The main goal of the Foundation:

  • to provide wide-ranging help to children who lost their parents or live without them.

Other goals of the Foundation:

  •  to support and provide financial assistance to orphans, children living without parents and in orphanages or children care homes;
  • to support and help children recover faster and rebuild their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being;
  • to develop, organise, implement and sponsor programmes that help children reveal themselves as well as discover and nurture their true abilities and talents by developing their creativity and consciousness;
  • to develop, organise, implement and sponsor bright scientific, educational, artistic, religious, sports, wellness and health, social care and welfare programmes in Lithuania which teach and help children discover themselves, express their feelings and true needs, follow the path of light, feel safe and loved, be creative, healthy, conscious and smart;
  • to develop, organise, implement and sponsor programmes and projects to help children build their internal and external security, love, beauty, abundance, freedom and teach them to lead their lives surrounded with all those gifts;
  • to sponsor, develop and implement educational and physical work programmes aimed at developing and maintaining clean environment, maintaining and developing ever cleaner nature and environment for the present and future generations;
  • to sponsor, develop and implement programmes aimed at protection, recording and restoration of the Lithuanian history, nature, architecture and the Lithuanian valuables and to build a bright present and future for the Lithuanian children;
  • 2.1.9. to sponsor, develop and implement programmes and projects which contribute to building bright future for the present and future generations and which are aimed at maintaining and reasonably developing distinctive identity of Lithuanian villages, small towns and settlements;
  • to sponsor, develop and implement all other activities which contribute to developing a bright, affluent and conscious society and implement other meaningful, valuable and bright projects and programmes;
  • to engage in formal and non-formal education activities for children, adults and families;
  • to engage in artistic and various other therapies for children, adults and families by means of different methods.

Objectives of the Foundation:

  • to meet children’s needs of self-expression, self-education and self-development, to meet their need to learn about themselves and the world, to fulfil children’s dreams and encourage them to continue dreaming and to teach them to aspire for those dreams themselves;
  • to develop children’s abilities, talents, virtues, creativity and consciousness;
  • to develop their spirituality;
  • to call individuals, institutions, organisation and enterprises for joint activities to implement the goals of the Charity and Sponsorship Foundation Beautiful Heart;
  • to help children from orphanages to successfully integrate into the society and help them build their lives;
  • to carry out various surveys and studies related to the activities of the Foundation;
  • to develop and implement independent or joint projects together with other institutions;
  • to publish information and advertising publications;
  • to organise various educational programmes;
  • to ensure constant and continuous tangible and intangible support and sponsorship from individuals, enterprises, institutions, organisations, groups or other available sources;
  • to monitor, analyse, develop and disseminate information about the activities of the Foundation: compile catalogues, albums, video and visual materials, articles, websites, etc.;
  • to organise and run courses, lectures, seminars, studios, extracurricular activities, clubs and other activities related to the goals of the Charity and Sponsorship Foundation Beautiful Heart;
  • to organise various events: festivals, fairs, camps, exhibitions, tours and etc.;
  • to promote activities of the Foundation;
  • to communicate and cooperate with the Lithuanian as well as foreign organisations, companies and responsible authorities.

In order to achieve its goals and objectives the Foundation shall:

  • develop, organise and implement cultural, educational, artistic and recreational events, e.g. camps, competitions, exhibitions, tours, contests, festivals, meetings, debates, seminars, conferences and other spiritual events to help achieve and implement the goals and objectives of the Charity and Sponsorship Foundation Beautiful Heart;
  • organise charity events and engage in trade for charitable purposes during those events;
  • exchange information and cooperate with individuals or other institutions, enterprises and authorities;
  • organise campaigns related to the goals of the Foundation;
  • organise and provide free meals;
  • organise public meetings;
  • organise, initiate, develop, and implement spiritual projects related to the goals of the Foundation and take part in those projects;
  • engage in philanthropic activities;
  • develop and implement investment projects to help achieve goals and objectives of the Foundation;
  • receive monetary, psychological and other support as well as support in things;
  • establish scholarships to cover tuition fees, studies, refresher courses and etc.;
  • organise recreation, travel and entertainment;
  • organise extracurricular activities, clubs, studios and camps;
  • establish and run day centres and care institutions for children, adults or elderly;
  • cover treatment expenses;
  • receive and provide support in food, things and etc.;
  • draft and provide methodology recommendations;
  • develop software, web applications and websites;
  • develop and publish information, advertising and other publications;
  • develop new services related to the goals of the Foundation;
  • engage in other education for children, recreational, leisure, entertainment and business activities not attributed elsewhere.

The Foundation shall use free labour of its participants and/or its sponsors as well as paid labour of other individuals and entities, funds and assets of the Foundation to achieve its goals and objectives.

The Foundation shall cooperate with other establishments and organisations, movements or individuals whose activity goals are in line with the goals and objectives of the Foundation.

Should the need arise the Foundation shall engage in economic and commercial activities needed to achieve the objectives of the Foundation in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and the Statutes.