(Lietuvių) „What about us“

January 22 Andrius Kupčinskas, a member of the Lithuanian Seimas at  Seimas European Information Office, presented the photo portraiture exhibition “Between Us” and the documentary “What about us”. With this photo-portrait exhibition and documentary film, two young artists raise a very sensitive and often “uncomfortable” issue for disabled people in our society.

The social project initiated by the initiator of the exhibition, Jolanta Sadauskienė, the founder of Beautiful Heart Foundation – photo portraits of the residents of Vilijampolė social care home – is designed for the integration of disabled people into society in order to break down the well-established stereotypes of society and to announce that these people are exactly the same as we are. more realistic, sincere, more open and freer. The photographer Deividas Bendžius’ pictures capture moments and highlight the unique qualities of the residents of Vilijampolė social care home, and convey happy, simple, sincere, joyful life, human emotions.

The heroes of Thomas Auksas documentary “What about us” are the wives of the same Vilijampolė social care home. Tomas Auksas is a young Lithuanian film director, artist and creative director of the international diplomatic organization Liberatum. Wallpaper magazine described Thomas Gold as a scientist universe, or otherwise, a broad-minded person. He often talks about social stigma, national minorities, and other global issues in its creation. Thomas Auksas is also an activist working with humanitarian initiatives. Its purpose is to sow tolerance, and to create a society that is not only open to the norm. From a documentary on climate change, which is included in the United Nations and the World Fund for Fundraising Training Programs, until the newly released documentary about the everyday life of young people with disabilities, Auksas successfully destroys stereotypes and educates society.

As Thomas himself said during the exhibition, some imagined the film as very grim, but there are many smiles, games as in any life.

The opening speeches were given by Deputy Director of the Department of Disability Affairs under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor, J. Šliužienė, Greek Ambassador Dr. Habil. Vassiliki Dicopoulou, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China  Shen Zhifei .

But the most important participants of the opening of the exhibition and the premiere of the film were heroes of photo portraits and documentaries – children from Vilijampolė social care home. They sincerely welcomed the attention and presence they had received, and were invited to a tour of the Seimas after the exhibition.

It is a small, but very nice example, when artists, politicians, entertainment worlds unite for a common project to make our society more beautiful and better.

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